Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Environmental Awareness Seminar - London

How will apply your self-defence training in a real confrontation?

How will you react under stress?

Do you want to see how your training works on the street?

We are pleased to announce our certified Urban Escrima Environmental Awareness Seminar on Saturday 27th July from 1.15 – 4.15 at London Fields Fitness Studio.

This seminar will be a great opportunity to link your training to real scenarios!

Why is this seminar important for you?

This seminar will help to understand how your self-defence training can protect you in conflict.
You will be able to assess as realistically as possible, what you are capable and are not capable of doing when under stress.

To enable you to think clearly about appropriate responses to any given situation.

Items covered on the day are:
Safe zones
Multiple attackers
What constitutes a weapon?
Required response to an attack
How to respond to an attempted mugging / bag snatchStreet based attacks (yes, some of the day will be spent in the street)
Scenario based training at London Fields Train Station
Defending yourself while seated

Prices for the day are:
Urban Escrima / Escrima Concepts Members: £30.00 (paid in advance) £35 on the day
Non-members: £40.00

To book your place, please email us on: urbanescrima.com