About Urban Escrima Self-Defence

About Urban Escrima Self-Defence

We are certified  Escrima Concepts instructors, with many years experience and instruction from Master Steve Tappin, Paul Leslie (4th TG) and Wayne Tappin (4th TG).  We are focused on the needs of the practitioner and love to teach everybody regardless of training experience. 

You will be warmly greeted and welcomed to our training family.  We are very friendly and social, it is important to us that you feel comfortable.  We understand that there may be different needs and challenges for each student; so regardless of size, gender, age or profession, we cater our training for everyone.  We tailor training to your individual needs, so tell us what your goals are and we will help you achieve them.

We will teach you the self-defence skills needed to protect yourself, your friends and family.  We will help you get fitter and stronger.  Your confidence, awareness, conditioning and coordination will all improve.  You will gain all of this while learning effective self-defence skills.  

We expect all practitioners to respect each other and to respect our training environment. We are not training to compete against each other but rather to assist and help each other to progress through the system. 

Originating from the Philippines, Escrima (also known as Kali and Arnis) is a realistic and effective self-defence system, it is unique in that the practitioner uses weapons from the beginning.  Therefore your manual dexterity, coordination and reflexes will improve rapidly. We live in a society in which weapons are used widely in violent crime, understanding weapons can prove invaluable in protecting yourself.

Escrima Concepts is a combat system which has evolved from Escrima.  Master Steve Tappin has developed the Escrima Concepts system to focus on concepts rather than techniques.  The concepts are a set of theories which are applied to all attacks that you may face.  

When facing a threat the human stress response is typically freeze, then flight or fight.  During the freeze phase your awareness and alertness becomes heightened.  Ideally you will be able to make an escape (flight phase).  However, if you need to fight to escape, you need to be able to counter-attack quickly. With Escrima Concepts you don't need to shuffle your mind through a multitude of techniques in an emergency situation, you just automatically use  the concepts you have learned.  This enables you to defend yourself against all types of attacks such as punches, kicks, baseball bats, knives and bottles using one set of concepts which work for all, rather than individual techniques.  

The concepts work in all environments and makes Escrima Concepts  much more than a street self-defence system.  It can be applied in all walks of life and is taught to those who want to train for fun and get fit, those wanting to protect themselves and their loved ones, amateur or professional fighters, those working in the security services and those wanting a system to supplement their existing knowledge or martial art.

Many systems teach stationary self-defence techniques.  Real attackers continually move while attacking.  Applying our concepts will prove practical in a real attack.  You learn to deal with continually flowing pressured attacks from all angles.

Is Escrima Concepts just stick fighting? No!  We also concentrate on unarmed applications. The concepts you learn work seamlessly armed and unarmed.  With our practice of body mechanics you will find your body moving as one and the production of incredible explosive energy.  Training this way will provide you with an unarmed self-defence which has increased balance, focus, strength and aerobic fighting fitness.

Escrima Concepts is an enjoyable but realistic combat system. You will have fun while getting fit and learning how to protect yourself.  

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