Monday, 9 June 2014

Martial Art Seminar with Grandmaster Brian Jones

We'd like to thank Grandmaster Brian Jones for returning to Hackney, where he introduced Escrima in the 70's, and delivering a brilliant seminar yesterday. It was also great to have Master Ricky Crofts, Master Jay Dobrin & Master John Morgan assist and share their experiences and knowledge.

It was a real pleasure have you all come down and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Escrima Nightclub Self Defence Seminar

Here is a video from our recent Nightclub Self Defence Seminar.

Is your martial art / self defence / combat training effective outside the gym?

Our nightclub / bar seminar gave students an insight into the challenges faced defending your self in a different environment while also trying to protect those you are with. 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Our next FREE Urban Escrima Self-Defence Taster Session!

Our next Urban Escrima Self Defence seminar takes place on Tuesday 25th at 7.00pm and Thursday 27th at 6.30pm at London Fields Fitness Studio, London, E8.

This is a fantastic opportunity to try out REAL Self Defence for FREE.

Please contact us on: to book your place!

Monday, 12 August 2013

FREE Urban Escrima Self Defence Induction Session - Thursday 29th August!

The next FREE Urban Escrima Self Defence Induction Session will take place on Thursday 29th August from 6.30 - 7.30pm at London Fields Fitness Studio. Places are limited so book now on

Below is a clip of what we are about.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Self Defence London - Urban Escrima in Action!

Here is our latest Self Defence video. Thank you to everyone who helped create the video and to those who took part, we are very grateful. If you would like to see further Urban Escrima Self Defence videos please check out Youtube chanel. If you would like to find further information on the self defence system we teach, please go to the or

Monday, 5 August 2013

Self Defence London - Urban Escrima video Interview with a Student - Chris

Here is our latest video with an Urban Escrima practitioner, Chris. For more videos, please visit our Urban Escrima Self Defence website.

Urban Escrima Self Defence Environmental Awareness Seminar - A Practitioners Thoughts

Here is a review from Kristian, an Escrima Concepts practitioner who attended the recent Urban Escrima Self Defence Environmental Awareness Seminar, enjoy!
The Self Defence Environmental Awareness Seminar was Explosive! If I learned one thing it was the importance of “Exploding”!
The aim of the day was to give a taster of the higher grades of the Escrima Concepts Syllabus but also link the training all the students have been doing and ground it in realistic situations and different scenarios.
We began the seminar like any other lesson as with movement drills, working on our off lining but working on another aspect of the system “explosion”. We started with a 4 for 4 drill where 4 attacks were fed by an attacker. After the 4th and final attack the defender “exploded” changing their energy and role in the scenario from being a passive defender to an aggressive attacker who would then feed 4 attacks of their own and vice versa. Although it was a simple excercise it was still challenging as a defender changing your energy (exploding) and redirect it back at your attacker in a split second.
We practised “exploding” from different scenarios including enclosed spaces ,if your bag was snatched, walking with your mobile phone, fending off armed multiple attackers, from a seated position, attackers around corners and at different levels such as walking up and down stairs.
In order for something to “explode” a trigger needs to be set off. The Instructors asked the class when should you react to an aggressor? The answer is “as soon as possible”. But only through developing an awareness  of “zones” and identifying when a potential attacker enters your zone.
It was a good day and an excellent turn out with lot of hard work shown by everyone. It re-affirmed to me how much more there is to learn in the system and that made me want to work harder. I’m also lucky to be learning and training with some dedicated and  talented students and instructors.